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To the staff at Florentine Gardens,

Just a quick note to thank you all for the care you gave Uncle Randall, and the comfort you gave to us his family. You wil be remembered fondly.

The Randall - Backer Family

"I love everything that you guys do here!"


All of those nurses are wonderful!!


Bill and I would like to thank each and every one of you for the kindness you have shown us. We love you all very much! Bill's stay here is just what he needed and I always felt good about him being here. I knew he was looked after so well and I never had to worry.

Polly and Bill

I am writing this for my husband Michael. He wanted you to know that he likes the nurses and aides that take care of him: plus every employee that gives him their attention in his needs. The room is very nice too. He’s also very happy that he could have the bubble light x-mas tree in his room (that was a tradition for us in our 50 years of marriage—the biggest tree held 350 bubble lights). So as his wife I am so thankful for his excellent care here “everyone” goes over and beyond. I thank dear God everyday for him being here.


I'm a volunteer for Bella Care hospice and come here at least once a week - starting with the receptionist who is wonderful - all the employees are very friendly and helpful!! If the time comes that I need to go into a nursing home, this is where I would want to go for my remaining years.


We just want to thank you for all of the wonderful care and friendship you gave my sister, Shirley. From her children, mother, grandkids, and friends - we appreciate you all.


I just wanted to let you know that my mother had a generally great experience at Florentine Gardens while she was a full-time resident, over the past 2.5 years. I always felt like she was in good hands there. I would recommend Florentine Gardens to my friends, for their parents.


Thanks for assisting me in the care of my dad during his last few months of life. Crystal (the social worker at Florentine) was amazing. Truly grateful he was able to be at peace here.


Thank you to social service. Thanks to the entire staff for greeting us and making us feel welcome. Thanks to nurses and aides for Jill's excellent care - she missed you! Thanks to the kitchen staff for all of her meals and many hot teas. Thanks to therapy for the help with her brace. Thanks to the cleaning ladies for all of their work and kindness to Jill - singing little songs to her. Thanks to Billie for activities, special malts, and a fun Christmas party. Thanks for all the visiting dogs - especially Brandy.

Rosemary & Jill

People - we like the staff most of all. They care about Mom as much as they care for her. The nursing staff communicates well (stars to Cambie and Mellisa), and they generally know the little details of Mom's daily life and issues. Brandy and her leadership team are engaging and willing to help answer questions and concerns. We like the nurse's aides and cleaning staff as well. Crystal always has answers to our questions and Bruce has been very helpful to Mom. Amanda does a great job at the front desk and always seems to have a smile.

Place - Our family really likes the private conference rooms and the gathering room off the hallway...feels a little like home. The whole building has a more home-like feel to it than almost any other facility we visited in the same price range.

Food - The food is good, and the team gives mom alternatives if she doesn't like what she picked for the menu.

Care - Crystal has been great to work with to make sure Mom takes advantage of the various medical services provided. The nursing team stays on top of Mom's medicines, medical issues, and her well being. She constantly talks about how much she likes them.

Activities - Billie and her team come up with more activities than Mom can possibly cover! I love that there are so many things she can be involved in if she chooses. Plus, she gets her hair and nails done every week - a "must" for a lady.

Overall - My mother has lived with me and my family for 18 years, so it's not easy to trust someone else to care for her. I'm very happy with her care, her safety, and her general well-being at Florentine Gardens. If someone asked me if I would recommend Florentine Gardens to care for their loved one, I would answer, "Yes - very much."


In 2017 I was here after back surgery and a setback in therapy. People really helped me to get back on my feet again.

Now in January 2019, when I was asked where I wanted to go I said the best place is Florentine Gardens. The therapy people are the best and I know a few of the RN's from earlier and a couple of the staff. It's as good as before. I recommend this place whenever there is a need.

Nancy B.

My experience has been outstanding and same for services rendered. I would highly recommend your facility.


I had a wonderful experience here at Florentine Gardens. Everyone I came in contact with was nice and more than willing to do whatever I needed. A few I would like to recognize for their efforts: Courtney, Tricia, and Heidi who I had for nurses and Julia who I had for physical therapy. I can't say enough good things about her. I will recommend this place to anyone who needs rehabilitation or skilled care.


Excellent care - immediate attention and very comfortable, pleasant, and bright. All attendants have been marvelous. Can't say good things about it!!!


This is my third stay for rehab here and I trust the staff here so it would be my top choice should the need arise that I need rehab again. The atmosphere lends itself to a stable recovery. The nursing staff is skilled and sensitive to the needs of the patients. The therapy is staffed with a team that executes daily treatments to achieve individualized care plans in an atmosphere filled with light-hearted, friendly, and encouraging people.


Our mother has been in long-term care, at this facility, for approximately two years. How blessed we are to have found Florentine Gardens! Friendly and helpful is how we would describe the staff. Everyone here encourages and embraces communication, concerns, and suggestions when it comes to the care of their family members who are living here.


Everyone has been most kind and helpful.


This facility quickly becomes a warm friendly safe space to recover short term or long. Beautiful spacious rooms. Activities to suit all needs. You can’t fake real careing from the heart. Real warm loving careing friends work here. Recommended very highly by me. They took such great care of me I could concentrate on getting better. And oh have I. Much better mentally and physically. I plan a knee replacement very soon. Oh where will go for therapy and recovery. No place but right here. I have such peace of mind knowing I will be treated by such loving compassionate friends.


Florentine Gardens, you can count your blessings because you have a very caring staff that makes you feel at home.


I came here after having...broke my hip. Everyone here has taken good care and has been supportive. The therapy dept. has been a good staff and are clear about every action. I have come so far in two weeks and so has the occupation dept. Thank you for everything.


Safety is a priority. You have a very clean facility. Your PT program is aggressive with good results. Tyler is excellent in PT. The nursing staff is kind and caring especially Katy, Cecelia and Jan. The one story design made it easy to get exercise with a walker. Transportation two dialysis was a definite plus.


I have been a guest at Florentine Gardens through 3 operations and my recovery. In this time I have been cherished as a grandma, patient and friend by the entire staff and as many of the residents. There is not a department I have not appreciated and felt their affections and good cheer in addition to their first class work. I have had so much fine care, smiles, hugs and encouragement in my recovery. I love you all from the bottom of my heart!


Thankyou to everyone in helping me and my husband Dr. Bob through his last journey. You did everything you could and I love you for it


Staff, care, food, and stay have been excellent. I have no complaints. Room has been kept nice and clean also.


The staff is great. PT and OT have been great to work with, Barbie, Tyler.
All the staff have been very helpful and friendly. They all try to get to know you. Sarah and Vicky have been super night nurses aides. Ralph was good too.
I really appreciate everyone for the most part being helpful and nice. The food has been good.


I just wanted to say "thank you" for all that you are doing to take such good care of my husband (and others). This is a new road for all of us to travel and I'm grateful for how you are trying to navigate this situation.
He has been there five years and I know he is in a very good place. Please know I'm keeping all of you in my prayers.
Thank you - keep safe.


Thank you all so much for making Pat's birthday celebration special. It is hard to believe that her 100th birther was spent under such unusual circumstances! But, because of your time and effort, I know she enjoyed it!

Ernie, Jackie, and Randy

Dear Florentine Gardens Management and Staff,
I would like to take a few moments of your time to express my sincere gratitude to all involved in organizing and participating in my mother, Ardeth's, 100th birthday celebration!
My family and I can't recall when we've seen her so excited and happy! You truly made her day so very special, even under all the circumstances we have been faced with!
Thank you all so much,

Charles H. and Family

I've enjoyed my stay. I would definitely come back if I needed to and would recommend Florentine Gardens to anyone who needs rehab.


Florentine Gardens is very nice. Well laid out. Clean. People are very warm and courteous. Rooms kept clean. Floors mopped...I was here just a short time, only because I was in better shape than I thought. Thank you very much for having me.


I spent 2 weeks in rehab here for broken hip. The Aides and Nurses at this facility are so very kind. As a patient, I depended on Aides for most of my needs. They were prompt and friendly. All of the staff was great, the cleaning lady always had a smile and a word of encouragement. I'd like to give special appreciation to the overnight crew of Nurse Heidi and Aides Stephanie and Tiffany. They are a remarkable trio. If only every recovering patient could have a group like them. They made me feel so cared for and secure. Made my stay better. Thank you so much ladies!


The staff was awesome from day one when I arrived. They were always looking out for my welfare. The nurses were a great set of ladies. Always answered all and any questions and was there whenever I called, they are very nice group of ladies. My therapist were great, really help me build and learn about everything, they work me good and didn’t push but let me do what I had to to be able to go home. They are very knowledgeable and kind and sweet group.

I love them for everything they did. If it wasn’t for them I probably still be here. Great job to all of my therapist and nurses, the whole staff is great. I would recommend this place to anyone that needs help. I love everyone here and will miss them dearly. Would like to take some home with me. LOL. Everyone take care and may god bless you all. Thank you. The meals were great never ate the same meal twice. Great job to everyone in the kitchen staff.


This is my third visit here. As far as the care and concern of your wellbeing can’t be given enough words to describe how well it is operated. Everyone from the top to the bottom of help is great. Always patient and caring. They always do good morning, have a great day, they are always sincere. Your physical therapy department is also great, they know what you need to get you back in shape they are truly great, I have always recommended your place to all my friends and others. As far as helping a person to get back to better health this place is a 5-star place. Keep up the good work and the best to everyone. You have a beautiful place.


It was good. Everyone was really nice to help me.

Thank you all so much.


The staff were great and pushed beyond means… Staff listens and… do best they can make believers out of me.


Since the first day of my arrival I was made to feel welcomed. The center is lovely and clean. The staff have all been wonderful from doctors, nurses, aides and kitchen workers.

My therapy team is the BEST. They helped my reach my potential and had fun doing it. All and all I would recommend Florentine Gardens to all my friends and family members! Thanks for the excellent care you have given me. Love and blessings.


I have loved being here completely. I adored the transportation system. I also love the experiences that I have received from Crystal. I have no complaints about the services that I have received from Amy, Billy, Doris, Dr. Paul or any of the other people who also work here. I have enjoyed being vice president of the council. There are many things that I could say but I don't want to waste the time and waste the paper to say!


Thank you for takin care of me while I was there. Everyone was so nice to me and went out of their way to make sure I had everything I needed. If I ever need you care again I will certainly choose Florentine Gardens.

Edith and Myra

I would like to take this opportunity to say how much I enjoyed the stay here. The PCA and Aids were so nice to me in every way to try to meet my every need. Especially Tonya, Rhonda, Alison, Tiffany and Kaydance. All of the Nurses and Nurse Practitioner, Anne, were very thoughtful. The Physical Therapy worked very well with me. All of them were very kind. The Social Worker, Crystal, was so sweet and kind to me. She has the sweetest smile, laugh and personality. I would highly recommend this facility to anyone.

Sara B.

I certainly understand that I have all of you to thank for helping me through this difficult time. You treated me with dignity and respect throughout the time I've been here. Again, thank you from myself and my family. My family has given your staff raving reviews.

I believe the attentive care that I've been given here has made it possible for me to transition to reside with my family for a few months then hopefully to my own residence.

A special thank you to the entire staff in Physical Therapy. They have done a wonderful job helping me rehabilitate. This illness has been a humbling experience and I realize how lucky I've been to receive excellent care from all the staff at Florentine.

Bobby C.

When I came to the facility I didn't know how welcome I was made to feel, but everyone was so friendly and helpful. I was in a tearful and uncertain state at the time then was at ease and reassured that everything would be taken care of and to concentrate on getting better. God takes everyone at the facility for your care and understanding.

Carol S.

I love them. Everyone that I meet is friendly and nice. I felt bad that I couldn't help, but I told them that I used to do this type of work. I love my work because you've got to love people to do this. Don't get me wrong, I do miss home but everyone here has been good to me.

Bobby W.

I returned to the Gardens because of the exceptional services I got on my first visit. On this visit, I got that same level of care, attention, and personal connection. This was true at all levels, from the housekeeper who cleaned my room to the doctor.


As the Activity Director at Florentine, I know how caring our staff is. But these past few days, I lived it, as my papaw came here for his last days. Words cannot express how amazed I am by our staff. Amanda Ellington, a day nurse, and Shannon Earls, a night nurse, went above and beyond to make sure my grandpa was comfortable and cared for. There was an army of family, and they not only handled them with care, they included every single one of us in all conversations. I will never be able to thank them enough. Their care went beyond a job, they were there with us, through it all. I know we have good care-but they exceeded into amazing.

Marianne helped me get papaw ready for heaven, and took such care of him. She is another of our angels.

I am so grateful for my work family and I will never be able to thank them enough-we have angels here at Florentine. And I am so proud to be a part of this team.

Billie Tussey, Activity Director

Thank you for your very good care of me as I rehabbed to get home. I came to Florentine Gardens weak, unsteady and very confused. With your methodical care plan, presented by kind, caring and knowledgeable team members, I have come a long way toward wellness and feel safe to return home.


My husband, John, was at Florentine Gardens from the end of March through May 21. The staff provided great care for John. They were kind and gentle and so so good to him. When it was obvious he wasn't going to make it, a recliner was put in his room so I could be with him around the clock. I was offered meals and drinks, and most importantly, compassion. They consoled us both. They could not have been better or nicer. John loved them, and I loved them. God bless them for what they do.

Beverly S.

My husband, Leo, was in your care for 11 days. The nurses, aides, therapy, and kitchen staff all helped to make his stay easy and helpful. We felt welcome and at home while he was there. We can't thank you enough for all his care. We would come there again if needed. THANK YOU.

Annette R.

When I went to the hospital and had to choose a place to go, I chose Florentine Gardens, and I'm not sorry. All of the people that I have had contact with have been very pleasant. They have done a great job of getting me ready to go back home. I'm not in the business of advertising, I'm just stating facts.

Angie A.

Nobody wants to be away from home, but when it becomes necessary to recover from an unexpected health setback, Florentine Gardens provides an upbeat place to do so! This is the second time I have been here. Both times I have gotten complete and thorough care, but what is also important is that everyone is so supportive, smiling, kind and caring. I thank everyone for all they do!

Joan M.

My stay at Florentine Gardens has been the best experience I've had at any rehab center I've been in the past year. The staff is so warm and makes me feel important. I have enjoyed my stay here and will always remember you, always.

Dorothy G.

I came here 9-10 days after open heart surgery... the staff at Florentine was outstanding. Every nurse was top notch and attentive. The whole staff, from the physical therapist to housekeeping, was great. Food was good for the most part but I want to thank ALL.

Louis S.

I would like to thank your whole staff for making my stay with you so easy and comfortable. Everyone was friendly and caring. Whatever I needed, I was given. Smiles are so important for someone who is away from home and scared. Thank you again for your loving care. It meant so much to me.

Cathy P.

I loved my nurses, Katy and Whitney. The food was always good. Overall great at taking care of me and getting me better to come home. I enjoyed being there, but glad to be home. Thank you for EVERYTHING!

Sandra F.

Staff stopped in when making rounds. He enjoyed conversing with whoever stopped by, and his room was serviced regularly by housekeeping. The rehab services he received strengthened him quite quickly and he was discharged home on March 6. We are quite satisfied with the services he received.

Judith M.

It was very easy for my daughter could visit every day. All personal were very helpful. Nurse controlled medicine, aides took care of all my needs ... meals were on time, cleaning ladies were there seven days a week... Your nurse Latoya saved my life from the brinks of death, because of my heart attack. Thanks to all, see you when I'm well.


My wife, Lee, was only in your care for a short time due to a change in diagnosis from Bethesda North Hospital. Once it was confirmed that she had multiple cancers, we found it necessary to move her to a full care facility. During her time with you, we found the staff to be very friendly and prepared to meet her needs. The facility was always very clean and she was well cared for. Thanks to all.

Charlies S.

Very positive experience for me. My impairments were new to me and staff was very patient in leading me towards independence.

Judy M.

The food was great. I looked forward to my meals. The place was very clean. I was in housekeeping for 23 years and this place is very clean. Also, the people are so friendly and helpful. They have a smile on their faces. This is a wonderful place to be when you’re getting well.

R. Bates

Everything here is great. The staff is awesome! Thank you for the caring nature and the staff for the job they did with Dad.

Michelle H.

When it became necessary for me to move to transitional care, I knew where I wanted to go, and you haven’t missed a beat in over a year. Since being here, I have found what I expected to be clean, superior care, very professional, and good food.

John M.

The PT staff and facilities both were very good. The nurses were very good. The facility was very clean and staff were pleasant. I really appreciate that. My kids were able to be with me anytime they wanted to. My family appreciates the willingness to listen and respond to concerns.

Janet G.

This is our second experience with Florentine Gardens. Mom was admitted five years ago for physical therapy following a fall. We had such a pleasant experience then so it only made sense to request the same facility for physical and occupational therapy when mom needed it this time. She is celebrating her 94th birthday during her stay and everyone has been very welcoming and helpful. Of course, there’s no place like home, but it’s so comforting to know when extra care is needed. We can count on the knowledge and friendly staff at Florentine Gardens.

Donna B.