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STNAs Are Our Backbone

June 28, 2023
As we have wrapped up STNA Week at Florentine Gardens, we would like to give a final shoutout to our amazing STNAs. For those who are unaware of the duties of an STNA, they are State Tested Nursing Assistants. They provide vital care to our residents, including everything from assisting with daily living activities to being a cheerleader and, of course, a caring shoulder to lean on.

This job takes a person with not only a physical drive but also an emotional one. They have put themselves on the front line with hard work and devoted mindsets. STNAs spend so much time with our residents that they often create close relationships, almost like family. We couldn't feel more grateful to have such compassionate people at our residents' bedsides.

Between June 15-21, we thanked our STNAs with various goodie bags, coffee bars, cakes, and fudge. This, of course, is only a small fraction of the gratitude that we have for our STNAs. Please take a moment of your time to thank them when visiting our building. A small gesture of recognition will mean almost as much to them as they mean to us. To the Florentine Gardens STNAs, we appreciate everything you continue to do!

If you are interested in making a difference in our community, click the 'Careers' button below to learn more about our STNA openings!


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